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Actian Analytics Platform - Vortex

Actian Vortex provides the power to connect, analyze and take action on Big Data with an analytics platform that’s extremely fast, agile and scalable.

  • Architecture that eases deployment and integration
  • The fastest SQL analytics with the lowest infrastructure costs
  • Actionable insights delivered anytime, anywhere
  • Analytics that adapt and scale to your changing business environment – automatically

Application Description

The Actian Analytics Platform Vortex Edition comprises two core capabilities:

  1. Actian Vector in Hadoop – the fastest columnar analytics database for native SQL in Hadoop.

  2. Actian DataFlow in Hadoop – visual data blending & enrichment natively in Hadoop

Actian Vector in Hadoop contains a mature columnar analytics engine that performs native SQL processing of data in HDFS. It has rich SQL language support, an advanced query optimizer, support for trickle updates, and has been certified for use with the most popular BI tools. Plus, it has been benchmarked to perform more than 30 times faster than other approaches to SQL on Hadoop.

Actian DataFlow consists of a drag & drop workbench with a rich set of operators to visually build reusable data and analytic workflows along with a parallelized data flow engine that automatically optimizes execution on Hadoop, providing the much faster execution speed than other approaches such as MapReduce. DataFlow provides the ability to blend and enrich Hadoop data with other data sources as easily as any ETL tool merges and enhances any other data source, but far faster. It reduces the inherent latencies at all steps in a normal analytics process – from data preparation through development, testing, refinement, deployment, execution and updating. It also includes both Java and JavaScript programmatic interfaces to further augment the easy-to-use drag & drop analytics workbench.

By bringing the raw performance of a proven columnar analytics database to the data nodes in the Hadoop Cluster, Actian Analytics Platform Vortex Edition is able to achieve performance levels never before seen with any SQL on Hadoop solution. Actian’s platform can process Hadoop data natively in HDFS an order of magnitude faster than any other SQL on Hadoop solution and provides industrialized SQL access and enterprise class security to HDFS data. Fast SQL access to Hadoop data opens up new opportunities. Think not only about support for larger data sets, more users and more complex workloads, but also the ability to query Hadoop data using standard BI and Reporting tools.

Component Version Connection Method
MapR Distribution 4.0+ NFS
Application Version: Actian Vector in Hadoop Version 4.1H, Actian Dataflow Version 6.4

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Installation instructions

The installation process is documented in the Actian Vector Hadoop Edition User Guide.

Use Instructions

The Actian Vector in Hadoop User Guide contains everything a user needs to get started with Actian Vector in Hadoop.

Support Information

Actian offers our customers a comprehensive range of customer support and service offerings in local geographies and languages. We have a highly experienced team of support and service engineers that enables us to provide a broad spectrum of services including:

  1. Community Support for the free Express Editions of our products;

  2. Silver Support Services, our global annual subscription business hours support;

  3. Gold Support Services, our global annual subscription 24/7 support;

  4. Platinum Support Services, our global annual subscription 24/7 support and assigned case management, configuration management, recurring project status calls/reports, and priority issue requests.

  5. Managed Services, our annual subscription proactive performance management and optimization services and dedicated, onsite enterprise support services;

  6. Consulting Services, implementations, upgrades, development to performance tuning, project management;

  7. Application Services, design, development and migration of applications.

In addition, we offer project-oriented consulting, training and other services using our employees and third-party consultants, which our customers purchase on an as-needed basis. See here for details.