Partner App: Axibase Time Series Database

Axibase Time Series Database

ATSD is a statistics database built on top of HBase that includes metric storage, analytical rule engine, alerting, forecasting and visualization.

Application Description

Axibase Time-Series Database (ATSD) is a next-generation statistics database. ATSD is for companies that need to extract value from large amounts of time-series data which exists in their IT and operational infrastructure.

ATSD combines database, rule engine, visualization and data forecasting in one product.

Key features of ATSD:

  • Collects metrics from any asset, system, or sensor via industry-standard protocols.
  • Includes ad-hoc and scheduled reporting capabilities, personal and group dashboards.
  • Applies aggregate functions and filters on streaming data.
  • Next generation charts for graphing high-frequency data.
  • Real-time infographics for data-driven visualizations.
  • Extensive data analytics and data forecasting features.

ATSD has built-in autoregressive time-series extrapolation algorithms (Holt-Winters, ARIMA, etc.) that can predict system failures and abnormal developments at early stages. The data analytics and forecasting functionalities make ATSD a great product for IT system performance monitoring and monitoring of OPC environments, enabling predictive maintenance and capacity planning.

Support Information:

Axibase provides customers with extensive support through a professional customer support team.

For ATSD support, email us at:

One-on-one training sessions can be provided to help customers take full advantage of ATSD's extensive features.

Component Version Connection Method
MapR Distribution MapR 3.0 - 4.0.0 HDFS
Application Version: ATSD release 8645 and newer

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Installation instructions

Complete ATSD installation instructions can be found on our website:

Use Instructions

Extensive usage instructions, covering all available functionality, can be found on our website:

ATSD Use Cases:

  • Nmon UNIX system performance monitoring:

Axibase has full support for nmon UNIX system performance monitoring. ATSD has the capability to ingest and analyze nmon files and data. Nmon is a system performance monitoring tool designed specifically for the AIX and Linux operating systems. The nmon tool is very simple to install and use. Once enabled, it provides in-depth performance statistics that cover all major system components. Nmon has very limited impact on system performance and is commonly used to monitor production infrastructure.

Nmon data is streamed directly into ATSD as it is collected and written into the nmon file, making it instantly available for analysis and visualization. System administrators can leave active monitoring in the capable hands of ATSD. Between the Analytical Rule Engine and Forecasting features, the administrator will always be informed in advanced of any potential performance issues and can plan capacity accordingly.

  • IBM Tivoli Monitoring

ATSD can be used as a long-term history extension for ITM.

This makes it easy to store ITM data permanently and take advantage of ATSD portals, forecasting, and alerting features.

Setting up ITM to stream data into the ATSD is done through configuring the Warehouse Proxy Agent:

Warehouse Proxy Agent can be setup to save historical data into a CSV file on the local machine. ATSD ingests the CSV file using built-in parsers for long-term storage and analysis.

Other Use Cases:

  • Data consolidation

  • Operational historian in OPC environments

  • IOT data collection, storing and analysis

  • IT system performance capacity planning

ATSD has an extensive API, allowing external application to read/write data:

ATSD has an extensive collection of client libraries that are open source and enable developers to query time-series and related meta-data such as entities, metrics and tags from ATSD.

Find our client libraries on github:



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