Partner App: Bedrock Data Management Platform

Bedrock Data Management Platform

Zaloni Bedrock is the only Hadoop-based data management platform that integrates data ingestion, organization, and preparation based on metadata and workflow into a single software solution.

Application Description

Bedrock is a Hadoop data management platform that is the only fully integrated, single software solution for managed data ingestion, organization, and preparation based on metadata and workflow. Bedrock was built from the ground up to work with Hadoop. It eliminates the need for multiple tools and delivers a scalable, manageable, cost effective, and rapidly deployable solution for building and managing a Hadoop Data Lake. With Bedrock, the ingestion of data into Hadoop is simplified, managed and organized so you always know what you have and where it is, and the data is prepared and available to users in the way that they need it.

Component Version Connection Method
MapR Distribution 1.0+ HDFS, MapReduce
Hive 0.11+ HiveQL Interface
Application Version: Bedrock 3.0+

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Installation instructions

Pre-installation checklist, detailed installation instructions, and automated installer are provided as part of the Bedrock software package.

Use Instructions

The Bedrock support portal provides software documentation, getting started guides, knowledge base, FAQ, and software updates.

Support Information

Zaloni provide a comprehensive customer support experience. Offering a robust portal including access to software and documentation, knowledge base, licenses and support.