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Centerity Monitor

Centerity is a nextgen, unified monitoring platform for an organization’s entire information system and IT infrastructure. Centerity can provide end-to-end coverage of complex, hybrid environments including physical, virtual, application and cloud assets while providing Business Service Management (BSM), End-User Experience (EUX) and Big Data Stack Coverage (SAP HANA, Hadoop, MongoDB, NoSQL) in a single, software architecture. Centerity also supports AWS CloudWatch and OpenStack.

Application Description

Centerity’s next generation approach is to create a unified platform whereby companies can view its entire infrastructure via a single pane of glass; implement Business Service Management (BSM) facilities whereby companies can define and run its businesses based on critical business processes and services thus aligning ITs’ deliverables with organizational goals; create actionable information from data by correlating information across technical and functional domains; do smart root cause, dependency and trend analysis to dramatically reduce mean-time-to-repair (MTTR); provide end-to-end visibility to its entire set of information systems and IT infrastructure; give management real-time executive dashboards and reports so the company can measure performance and availability of critical services per the SLAs/OLAs the organization has set for itself; provide enterprise-class features (automation, discovery, CMDB, inventory & asset management, visualization) integrated into a single deliverable; achieve superior ROI, TCO, Time-to-Value (TTV) and enable IoT/IoE.

Business Service Monitoring (BSM) is one of the essential tools that allows IT and Business Units to create a holistic approach to complex enterprise services aligning expectations to deliver and required levels of service availability and performance for both external and internal customers (SLA/OLA). Customers use Centerity due to the evolving complexity of service topology involving multiple, hybrid components such as hardware, software and applications that are Hadoop resident. Centerity is an end-to-end BSM monitoring platform for real-time performance and availability status and thus needs to reside independently of Hadoop clusters.

Application Version: Unified BSM Monitoring Platform - All versions

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Installation instructions

In order to install the system for the POC or use, please download the Centerity V3.0 ISO from the following link:

The latest update of V3.8 is available here:

Administration, Installation and User Guides can be found at Once the system is downloaded, please return the Host ID to and a license key will be returned.

Use Instructions

Typically, Centerity suggests scheduling a 90 minute technical session with one of our engineers to assist with installation, deployment, training and knowledge transfer. This can be scheduled by sending a message to Administration, User and Installation Guides can be found at

Support Information

In order to access our Support Center, please go to: To send an email to Centerity Support, please use the following email address: