Partner App: Dataguise DgSecure

Dataguise DgSecure

Dataguise DgSecure for Hadoop makes data security pain-free, delivering the leading one-stop, out-of-the-box solution with the highest level of protection – no customer programming required.

Experience how precisely Dataguise with MapR detects and protects sensitive information in real time wherever it lives and moves across your enterprise and the cloud.

Application Description

Key Customer Benefits of using Dataguise DgSecure for Hadoop with MapR Hadoop technologies include:

  • Dataguise adds a precise sensitive data “lens” to pinpoint where your sensitive data resides in enterprise data sets on MapR even in hard-to-profile semi-structured or unstructured data sets.
  • Dataguise complements and enhances data governance capabilities in MapR by exposing the knowledge of where sensitive data resides within your data lake
  • DgSecure takes full advantage of the enterprise–grade features including high availability, disaster recovery, resiliency, and scale offered by MapR, to detect, protect, and monitor your sensitive data in MapR.
  • DgSecure can work on data at rest in MapR, data while it is being ingested into MapR or while in use after ingestion into MapR.
  • DgSecure enables our customer to harness MapR’s Hadoop capabilities by adding element-level protection via a variety of enterprise-grade highly performant masking or encryption techniques for their sensitive data..

Using Dataguise DgSecure combined with MapR, enterprises can safely unlock and extract value from their investments in MapR platform that is built from the ground up for business-critical production applications by enabling information to be shared and managed responsibly and with fine grained security.

Component Version Connection Method
MapR Distribution 3.0+ HDFS Agent, Flume, Map Reduce
Application Version: 4.0+

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Installation instructions

Installation of the DgSuite for Hadoop HDFS Agent:

Use the installer provided by Dataguise to install the agent on a Linux or Windows machine. Configuration of the DgSuite for Hadoop HDFS Agent:

1) The Agent should be pointed to a Hadoop cluster by modifying its properties file.

2) The user name and encrypted password (which will be used for communicating with the Hadoop JobTracker) should be set in the Agent’s properties file.

3) The Agent’s keystore should be populated with keys to be used for encryption and decryption.

4) The Agent should be configured in the Dataguise Controller by logging into DgSuite Admin and using the Agent tab to configure it just like other DgSuite agents (providing IP Address, Port number, and other info requested.).

Installation of the DgSuite for Hadoop Flume Agent:

Use the installer provided by Dataguise to install the agent and Dataguise plug-in on each Linux machine where one or more Flume flows will be executed.

Configuration of the DgSuite for Hadoop Flume Agent:

1) Each DgSuite for Hadoop Flume Agent should be started from the Linux command line.

2) Each Agent should be configured in the DgSuite Controller using the DgSuite Admin, by going to the Agents tab and typing in the information requested for the agent (IP address, port number etc.).

3) Once the Agent is configured, the connectivity is automatically tested, and if the Agent is verified as being active, it will show up in the main DgSuite UI. 4) The DgSuite Plug-in that is installed on the Flume machine along with the DgSuite for Hadoop Flume Agent can be included in any Flume flows by using the standard Flume UI or command shell.

Use Instructions

Included in Dataguise user documentation.

Support Information

Dataguise offers various support channels via Community/Portal Support, Phone Support and Email Support. SLA’s are per below table.

Please contact Dataguise for support and inquiries via the contact us form.