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Diyotta Data Integration Suite

The Diyotta Data Integration Suite was specifically designed to solve Big Data integration challenges of large data volumes, high velocity of data movement, and wide varieties of sources. Whether your Big Data platform is MPP, Hadoop or both, Diyotta manages data extraction, loading and transformations by leveraging your network and the processing power of your environment…and not needing any additional computing resources or intermediate processing servers. From source to target and data to information, Diyotta orchestrates it all.

Application Description

There are several significant advantages the Diyotta Data Integration Suite has over traditional ETL software and custom developed scripts/custom programs when solving your Big Data integration needs.

Specifically Designed for Big Data – Diyotta is architected to fully leverage the power and functionality of your parallel processing platform as the transformation engine. No intermediate platform is required, leading to significantly reduced costs and limitless scalability.

High Performance Throughput – Data moves directly from source to target via Diyotta’s frictionless approach which includes compression and partitioning options ensuring optimal performance for large data movement. Performance and scalability are dependent on network and existing infrastructure; Diyotta is never a bottleneck.

Unified View of Data Integration – All transformation logic and control is centralized providing end-to-end data lineage and impact analysis. Metaview and Monitor give a complete picture of the objects, attributes and flows along with operational logs and metrics.

Component Version Connection Method
MapR Distribution 3.0+ Hive, Impala, Shark
Hive .12+ HiveQL
Impala 1.2.3+
Shark 0.9+
Application Version: 3.0

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Diyotta customers are provided with a user guide.

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