Partner App: HFactory


HFactory aims to bridge the gap between Hadoop big data computing and web application development. The solution consists of a modular, Scala-based ORM and application stack for HBase, together with pre-packaged and ready-to-use development tools. The HFactory project is lead by Ubeeko.

Application Description

HFactory is the first micro-framework to simplify and speed up the development of HBase powered business applications. The solution offers full-stack scaffolding on top of HBase, automates the REST API and generates the JavaScript client side logic, services and entities.

HFactory Studio is a powerful, self-contained development environment based on Docker. HFactory Studio packages everything needed to develop, iterate and push HBase powered web apps in a local environment.

Component Version Connection Method
MapR Database 4.0 HBase API
Application Version: 1.1+

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Installation instructions

Step by step installation instructions are available as part of the installation section of the online product documentation.

Use Instructions

Our platform is fully documented and resources are provided at

Support Information

Live support from Ubeeko is available as an embedded feature of the product. In addition, Ubeeko maintains an HFactory discussion group for open, public support. Users can sign up by going to the Forum.