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Logi Analytics enables enterprises to make better use of their data by delivering on the promise of analytics everywhere. Logi Analytics' BI platform, Logi Info, provides users the ability to embed analytics directly into their applications, allowing them to author their own data visualizations, dashboards and reports. Logi Info can now quickly connect to and display data from the MapR’s Apache Hadoop distribution, allowing for fast creation of dashboards and reports against massive amounts of big data.

Application Description

Logi Info allows IT to quickly build and deploy web-based dashboards, reports, and interactive analytics and deploy them to any size audience for a single price. Unlike traditional BI solutions, you can be up and running in days, not months, and unlike tool sets, you can easily manage your apps to suit changing end-user needs. You can even build solutions that let end-users build, save, and manage their own views of their data, all while retaining the control and security you require. Best of all, you can serve as many users as you want without growing your cost.

The MapR ODBC connector and Drill connector can be used to produce BI visualizations, managed reporting, self-service and analytics within Logi Info. These rich visualizations use standards such as HTML5 and CSS3, and can be viewed by any modern browser. Our reports are responsive, and can be viewed on handheld devices, they will automatically detect screen resolutions and configure accordingly.

The highly embeddable nature of our solution means that advanced visualizations can be delivered within the existing applications that people are familiar with, dramatically speeding both adoption and deployment. In the screen captures below, sales data is displayed by various metrics, such as sales rep name, geographic location and results by monthly forecast. The end-user can filter data as well as drill down to an analysis grid for a more self-service reporting experience.

Component Version Connection Method
MapR MapR 4.0+ HDFS API, NFS
Drill Drill 0.6 ODBC
Application Version: 11

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Product documentation, and resources around training and support can be found on Logi DevNet:

Support Information

Please visit for more information on product support options and plans for Logi Info. If you have already purchased a Logi Support Plan package, your point-of-contact representative can use the Logi Support Portal to open and manage support cases and receive assistance.