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MicroStrategy is a leading global provider of enterprise software platforms for business intelligence (BI), mobile intelligence, and network applications. With the MapR platform that is ready to serve real-time big data as a system of record, MicroStrategy offerings such as real-time operational dashboards can leverage this data to provide unprecedented, real-time decision-making capabilities from unstructured data sources.

Application Description

Working seamlessly with your current infrastructure and applications, the connection between MicroStrategy and MapR delivers a simple yet powerful business intelligence foundation for Hadoop. With only a few simple clicks, the average business user can perform sophisticated analytics with data stored in Hadoop directly from MicroStrategy applications.

Users can now quickly analyze structured and unstructured datasets, utilize historical and real-time data, and integrate disparate data sources from multiple systems to deliver high-performance and predictive analytics. By leveraging the broad support of interactive and batch SQL query capabilities, MicroStrategy users can continue to leverage their SQL skillsets to process data on Hadoop. MapR supports Apache Hive, Apache Drill, Impala, and others on its platform, ensuring users have the option to pick the right technology for the right use case. MicroStrategy even lets you construct the SQL query without ever having to write a single line of code.

Self-Service Data Exploration with BI Tools and Apache Drill

In the above demo, you can see how a retail business is able to pinpoint the reasons for a continued drop in sales in a specific retail location by analyzing a variety of data sets from different sources. This example shows the power of MicroStrategy Analytics platform leveraging Apache Drill for interactive SQL queries on MapR Hadoop Cluster. Apache Drill enables self-service data discovery with data stored in Hive, JSON, CSV and other formats

Component Version Connection Method
MapR Distribution 4.0+ NFS, HDFS API
Drill 0.6+ ODBC JDBC

Application Version: MicroStrategy Analytics Desktop

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