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MongoDB Connector for Hadoop

MongoDB is the next-generation database that helps businesses transform their industries by harnessing the power of data. The world’s most sophisticated organizations, from cutting-edge startups to the largest companies, use MongoDB to create applications never before possible at a fraction of the cost of legacy databases.

Application Description

The MongoDB Connector for Hadoop provides bi-directional access to and from MongoDB data in a Hadoop environment. Specifically, it provides support for MapReduce via MongoDB input/output formats, classes for loading and storing MongoDB data for Pig and Hive, and classes for reading/writing to the MongoDB backup file format (BSON).

Component Version Connection Method
MapR 4.0+
MapReduce 2.0+ Input-Output Format APIs
Pig 0.12+ Loader and Storage APIs
HIVE 0.13+ Storage Handler APIs
Application Version: MongoDB Connector for Hadoop 1.3.0

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Installation instructions

For MapReduce, Developers must include the mongo-hadoop-core and mongo-java-driver dependencies (available via Maven) in their projects. Administrators must deploy mongo-hadoop-core and mongo-java-driver on all nodes in the Hadoop cluster in the Hadoop classpath.

For Pig, Administrators must deploy mongo-hadoop-core, mongo-hadoop-pig, and mongo-java-driver dependencies in a location where Pig scripts can REGISTER the JAR files

For Hive, Administrators must deploy mongo-hadoop-core, mongo-hadoop-hive, mongo-java-driver dependencies in a location for Hadoop and Hive’s classpath

Support Information

MongoDB offers production support subscriptions for MongoDB deployments and for those customers that have a subscription, the MongoDB Connector for Hadoop is supported. Customers create support tickets and use that to interface with our support organization. Community users of MongoDB can leverage community support available via MongoDB-managed mailing lists.

MongoDB Production Support:

MongoDB Community Support: