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Platfora is the #1 Big Data Analytics platform built natively on Hadoop and Spark. Platfora enables business users and data scientists to visually interact with petabyte-scale data in seconds, allowing them to work with even the rawest forms of transaction, customer interaction and machine data to find new opportunities and manage risk. Platfora is transforming the way businesses unlock insights, make decisions, and produce better outcomes through the use of its industry-defining Customer Analytics, Security Analytics and Internet of Things solutions. Platfora Big Data Analytics is creating data-driven competitive advantages for leading organizations such as Citi, Sears, AutoTrader, Disney,, Opower, Riot Games, Vivint and TUI Travel. Learn more about Platfora, read our blog, or follow @platfora #Platfora

Application Description

Purpose-built from the ground up to run as an end-to-end platform, Platfora is the fastest way to go from raw data to analytics. It allows you to iteratively analyze all of your data to answer your toughest questions. Best of all, there’s no code required – data preparation, data warehousing and business analytics are included, out-of-the box.

Platfora is a comprehensive Big Data Analytics solution that natively generates MapReduce jobs. Platfora dictionary compresses raw data from HDFS and builds columnar aggregates that are stored in-memory for interactive querying.

Component Version Connection Method
MapR Distribution MapR 4.0 HDFS API
MapR Distribution MapR 3.0 HDFS API
MapR Distribution MapR 2.1 HDFS API
MapR Distribution MapR 2.0 HDFS API
Hive MapR 0.9 Hive metastore
Application Version: Platfora 4.1.x

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Installation instructions

The Platfora Install Guide for MapR is available through the Platfora documentation portal:

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Get started videos and documentation is posted on the Platfora documentation portal:

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Our highly trained and incredibly responsive support staff is on hand via the support portal, knowledge base or phone.