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Reifier helps make better business decisions through better data. By matching and grouping near similar records together, business can identify the right customers for cross selling and upselling, improve market segmentation, automate lead identification, adhere to compliance and regulation and prevent fraud.

Application Description

Reifier helps connect business information so that the right message can be sent to the right audience. By fuzzy matching entities, customers can get a clear view of their data. Existing business data has a lot of client, customer, vendor, product, movie, catalog or prospect information in different formats and systems (eg CRMs), many of which are near duplicates. For example, the same name may be represented as Alex White in one system, and Alexe Whiite in another. And each record would have multiple fields and dimensions too, some of which may be absent in some systems, partially or poorly populated in others, and not matching exactly. The number of records by itself is generally so large that comparing each record with every other is unfeasible. This makes discovering accurate business information, enhancing and consolidating it a big challenge. Reifier is built on advanced machine learning and big data algorithms for discovering these linked records and near duplicates.

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Component Version Connection Method
MapR Distribution 3.1.1+ Spark Interface
Spark 0.9+ Spark Interface
Application Version: 1.0

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Installation instructions

Installation is done by the Reifier team. if the customer prefers, the Reifier Installation Manual is provided which provides step by step instructions.

Use Instructions

User guide is available in the Reifier customer support portal.

Support Information

Support is provided as part of the base license by the Reifier support team. Customers are provided access to the product portal to access the knowledge base, throubleshoot and log tickets.