Partner App: StreamAnalytix


StreamAnalytix is an Enterprise Class Streaming Analytics platform based on proven Open Source technologies including Kafka, Storm, Hadoop, Hbase, Cassandra, Solr, and Elastic Search. It enables immediate business impact through powerful real-time applications like Streaming ETL, IOT analytics, Call Center analytics, Log Analytics, Deep Social Media monitoring and giving visibility to business operations, risks and new opportunities in real-time as opposed to many hours or days after things occur.

Application Description

StreamAnalytix enables rapid development, deployment and easy monitoring of Streaming Data applications. With this platform, Enterprises across industry verticals can ingest, analyse, transport and store high velocity Big Data of any format for any real-time or near-real-time use-case. The platform offers an intuitive visual interface and is designed for easy use by Developers, Data Scientists, Analysts and Operations staff eliminating the need for detailed working knowledge of the underlying open source technologies. With the powerful UI of StreamAnalytix, users can define incoming data-schema, create complex data pipelines and move data from any source to any destination with data-transformations on the wire, real-time rule-based alerts, predictive analytics over streaming data and complex-event-processing with visually appealing real-time dashboards. Custom applications and business logic can also conveniently be created and deployed over real-time streaming data. With StreamAnalytix, MapR users can conveniently stream real-time data into and out of their MapR filesystem and also into MapR Database.

Component Version Connection Method
MapR-FS 4.0 MapR-FS Client
HBase 0.98 HBase API
Storm 0.9.3 Nimbus Client
Application Version: 1.0

Installation instructions

Step by step installation instructions are available here

Use Instructions

Step by step instructions to create a real time app that can perform real-time analytics and write data into the MapR file system and/or MapR database can be found in this document.

Support Information

StreamAnalytix is backed up with world-class Enterprise Support and Professional Services. StreamAnalytix customers can write to to avail support.