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syslog-ng Premium Edition

syslog-ng delivers the log data critical to understanding what is happening in your IT environment. Whether it’s user activity, performance metric, network traffic, or any other log data, syslog-ng can collect and centralize it. You can remove data silos and gain fullstack visibility of your IT environment.

Application Description

syslog-ng can collect from a wide variety of sources and flexibly route them to multiple destinations. syslog-ng Premium Edition can natively collect and process log messages from any device sending logs via the syslog protocol,SQL databases, Microsoft Windows platforms as well as JSON formatted messages or plain text files. It can also process multiline log messages, for example, Apache Tomcat messages. The syslog-ng application can send logs to SQL databases, MongoDB, and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) nodes.

With powerful filtering, parsing, re-writing and classification options, syslog-ng can transform logs on remote hosts, reducing the amount and complexity of log data forwarded to analytic tools or databases. The PatternDB feature can correlate log data in real-time,comparing log message content with predefined patterns. Theflexible configuration language allows users to construct powerful,complex log processing systems on remote hosts with simple rules.

syslog-ng can be deployed as an agent on a wide variety of hosts and flexibly route logs to multiple analytic tools or databases, eliminating the need to deploy multiple agents on servers. Tested binary files for the syslog-ng Premium Edition are available for more than 50 server platforms reducing the time required for installation and maintenance.

MapR Distribution | 4.0+ | HDFS/MAPRFS API Application Version: v5.3

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