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TIBCO Jaspersoft

TIBCO Jaspersoft provides a full business intelligence suite designed to work directly with data in MapR. You can build interactive reports and dashboards or explore and analyze your data through a modern HTML5 UI, directly on MapR data — no ETL required. Use Jaspersoft for MapR to drive better decisions for your business or to build cool visualizations into your MapR app. You can buy as an annual subscription or get started for less than $1 per hour on Amazon's cloud.

Application Description

Build Reports Directly from MapR

Build beautiful, interactive HTML5 reports and dashboards directly from MapR. No ETL required. Jaspersoft's data agnostic architecture does not require SQL like other BI tools. Its native Hive connector communicates directly with MapR to run queries against the data set in place, without requiring data to be moved through ETL to a relational database. Share these reports with anyone inside or outside your organization or embed them in your application.

Merge MapR Data with Other DataIn some cases you will want to merge the data you have in MapR with other data sources. With Jaspersoft ETL you can also move, transform and merge MapR data with other data in a data mart or data warehouse for analysis. Perform multi-dimensional, OLAP-style analysis on the merged data using our in-memory engine or by leveraging the power of an underlying analytic database.

Analyze with a Powerful In-Memory EngineOur server contains a powerful in-memory engine that allows you to quickly perform analysis on your data. The in-memory engine is intelligent enough to push more expensive queries down to the underlying data stores when these are tuned for high-performance analytics. Examples of such data stores include Amazon Redshift, Actian Vectorwise, Infobright and HP Vertica. This hybrid architecture means you get the best of both worlds — an in-memory engine that can also leverage your investment in an analytic database.

MapR Distribution 4.1 | Hive | HiveServer2 Application Version: 6.0.1

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Jaspersoft provides annual Subscription options for Commercial customers and Community users. Whether you are trying Jaspersoft for the first time or deploying a mission-critical application, we have a plan that meets your needs and budget.

Similar subscription options are available for OEM / ISV customers wishing to embed Jaspersoft into their own products. Contact us for details and pricing.