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Flaremap Application Suite

The Flaremap Application Suite combines operational visualization with the capabilities of MapR Database to provide real-time production and performance management, risk and compliance monitoring, asset management, and more.

Application Description

The powerful combination of the Flaremap Application Suite integrated with MapR Database gives decision support centers the ability to respond to real-time production and performance data; allows informed analysis of fraud and exposure in operations; and facilitates monitoring the status and productivity of globally deployed assets. Visual Action’s Flaremap applications help companies derive value from their big data initiatives by bringing operational relevance to the forefront. Partnering with MapR Technologies, the combined solution brings enterprise-strength visualization solutions to real-time data processing.

The Flaremap interface is visualizing a real-time, JSON-based, MapR Database database. Apache Spark is used to aggregate, and, effectively, operationalize the data. Apache Drill provides a low-latency query engine for Hadoop enabling real-time queries of the data.

Application Version: Flaremap Application Suite 6.1

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Support Information

Visual Action provides professional services and customer support for worldwide deployments. For details, contact us at or call (972) 808-0400.