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VoltDB is an in-memory, scale-out SQL database built to power a new generation of Big Data applications that thrive on fast, smart data. VoltDB is scalable to easily handle fast data, powerful to make it smart, and reliable and fault tolerant in both back-room and cloud environments.

Application Description

VoltDB is an in-memory, scale-out SQL database purpose-built to power a new generation of applications that thrive on fast, smart data. Tapping the lightning speed and real-time analytics of VoltDB, organizations are able to add context and intelligence to data – the instant it arrives – to make real-time transactional decisions that maximize business value. The relational database is architected to meet the distinct requirements of fast data, which leads to Big Data. Organizations in markets such as mobile, financial services, energy, advertising, security and gaming rely on VoltDB to process smart data fast to capture new revenue opportunities, drive competitive advantage and create highly-specialized interactions.

Component Version Connection Method
MapR Distribution All versions WebHDFS REST API
Application Version: VoltDB Enterprise Edition version 4.9

Download App

Installation instructions

VoltDB Enterprise Edition with an included 30-day trial license can be downloaded from VoltDB. The download page (after registration) has several download packages:

  1. a .tar.gz file for manual installation on 64-bit Linux

  2. a .tar.gz file for manual installation on Mac (for development use only)

  3. a .deb package for 64-bit Ubuntu Linux

  4. a .rpm package for 64-bit RHEL and CentOS Linux

  5. a link to a trial AMI on Amazon EC2

  6. a link to the AWS Cloud Formation Template for launching a 3-node cluster on EC2

  7. a VMware image with VoltDB pre-installed

The < ahref="">online documentation describes the Operating System and Software Requirements as well as step by step instructions for installing each of the available packages.

The Welcome to VoltDB tutorial provides a quick step-by-step guide to getting a VoltDB database up and running.

Integration with MapR Hadoop involves configuring one or more EXPORT tables and configuring the HTTP Connector to your MapR Hadoop instance. This is documented in detail in here.

Use Instructions

VoltDB is an extremely fast in-memory database designed for high throughput transaction processing at rates from thousands up to millions of transactions per second with full ACID compliance, complex transactions, and high availability. When configured with export to MapR Hadoop using the export HTTP connector, VoltDB can handle many types of Fast Data use cases that complement the Big Data capabilities of MapR, including:

  1. Ingest/interact with the data feed

  2. Make decisions on each event in the feed

  3. Provide visibility into fast-moving data with real-time analytics

  4. Integrate Fast Data systems with Big Data systems

  5. Serve analytic outputs from Big Data systems to users and applications

More use cases and solution examples are available on

Support Information

Community support for VoltDB is available on the VoltDB Community Forum. Pre-sales support for an evaluation or a Proof of Concept is available by contacting