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Zoomdata, developers of the world's fastest visual analytics platform for big data, is certified with the MapR Converged Data Platform. Through this collaboration, Zoomdata has developed a Smart Connector that natively supports Apache Drill, ensuring that customers can build powerful, insightful applications using Zoomdata and fully leverage the power of the MapR Converged Data Platform. End users now can gain direct access to and analyze a variety of data types without the need for any schema creation or data transformation. MapR and Zoomdata are also collaborating on enhanced product integration and support.

Application Description

Zoomdata is an open platform that provides visual analytics solutions for big data. Natively architected for both cloud and on-premise deployments, its microservices architecture enables visual analysis of big datasets in seconds. Zoomdata's patented Data Sharpening™ technology delivers the industry's fastest visual analytics for real-time streaming and historical data. Zoomdata's streaming architecture makes this possible by using Apache Spark as a complementary real-time high-performance engine. Zoomdata Fusion enables users to perform analytics across disparate data sources in a single view – without the need to move or transform data.

Zoomdata has no dependencies on MapR versions, rather on the data sources we connect to within your MapR distribution. A full list of these dependencies is available here: Application Version: Version: 2.2

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Installation instructions

Installation instructions will vary based on the type of installation being performed. All instructions are provided after choosing your installation type on the following link:

Use Instructions

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Support Information

Zoomdata offers three different methods to get support during your trial.

  1. Email
  2. Go to and click on the “Submit a Ticket” link
  3. If you have installed the application and are connected to the internet, you can click the help icon (in the upper right) and then click “Contact us with a question"