Architect’s Guide to Implementing a Digital Transformation

Where do you fall on the big data maturity curve?

What does it take to implement a digital transformation? Looking for guidance on becoming a successful data-driven business based on real-world experience instead of opinion?

In his new book, George Demarest presents the story of how organizations progress through four phases of digital transformation:

  • Phase 1: Experimentation - Understanding capabilities of the big data ecosystem
  • Phase 2: Implementation - Developing the first production use cases for digital business processes
  • Phase 3: Expansion - Expanding to multiple use cases/processes across the company
  • Phase 4: Optimization - Optimize, integrate, and converge data, applications, and processes

The use cases and examples in this book are based on hundreds of engagements with MapR customers. This book is bursting with key use cases and customer case studies, as well as practical advice on how you can transform your organization into a data-driven business.