Engineering and Technical Support

Let the data drive you… to an engineering career with MapR.

At MapR, we’re at the forefront of big data technology, and it’s our exceptional engineers who got us there. As a leader in this fast-paced industry that’s evolving minute by minute, we’re hiring the world’s best and brightest engineers to push the boundaries of what’s possible with big data. You could say we’re on a mission—to help every company leverage their data to drive their actions, their results, and their success. And that means providing them with the very best technology on the planet.

Innovate. At MapR, we’re seeking full-time engineers across the organization to continue to develop technologies that enable industrial-strength data analysis in real time. You’ll work in small, agile teams across a range of both open source and proprietary technologies, creating game-changing, foundational technologies that enable real-time and mission-critical application deployments at scale. You'll get to work on the MapR Converged Data Platform, which was recently awarded a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Contribute. At MapR, we’re not just about intellectual property. We’re proud of our contributions to the open source community. We continue to contribute to several projects in the open source community, such as Apache ZooKeeper, Apache Mahout, and Apache Storm. We also spearhead the development of key open source projects such as Apache Drill, which has set the audacious goal of providing millisecond, ANSI SQL query capabilities across databases, and Apache Myriad, which allows developers to run both YARN and Mesos for managing clusters and enables businesses to tear down the walls between isolated clusters.

Strong Company Culture. Do you know what sets MapR apart from the other tech companies you’re talking with? Everyone talks about a strong company culture, but we’ll just come out and say it: we have a unique, trusting, high-energy environment that’s filled with committed co-workers. We’ll say it again—they’re committed to doing their best work. You can just feel it in the air. Talk to any of our employees and you’ll find that their passion is contagious.