3 Ways to Jump in the Fast Lane and Get Immediate Value from Hadoop

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Today, MapR introduced Quick Start Solutions, a powerful package of services, software and training/certification to help you jump-start your deployments of enterprise data hub, security and marketing applications. These solutions address commonly implemented and high-value Hadoop use cases for Data Warehouse Optimization and Analytics, Security Log Analytics and Recommendation Engines.

You’re probably wondering, “Why is there a need to jump-start Hadoop deployments?” Although Hadoop is still a fairly young technology, it’s already quite successful, as evidenced by a growing number of customers who are utilizing it for multiple use cases. There is strong evidence that Hadoop is going mainstream in 2015, a trend that is driven by the need to take advantage of big data and provide better products and services to customers, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Most likely, you’re part of the large market segment that wants a solution-oriented approach to Hadoop, which can help you gain business value quickly.

Enter Our Quick Start Solutions

If you want to leverage Hadoop to drive business value, these new solutions will get you on the fast track for the most popular use cases. MapR Quick Start Solutions have been developed to provide a solid foundation for developing applications on Hadoop. Whether you’re in data warehousing and analytics, security or marketing, getting quick time-to-value is a big priority. These solutions deliver right out of the gate, as you’ll start to see value with the respective solutions in just two to four weeks.

At the heart of the Quick Start Solutions is the ability to simplify the process of developing a solution with Hadoop. No longer do you need to acquire the software first, think about the use cases, get necessary folks trained, and then develop the application. Each Quick Start Solution includes software, services and training/certification in one powerful package. It comes with pre-built templates that bring together best practices accumulated by world-class data scientists and data engineers from several mature Hadoop deployments.

Hadoop quick start solutions

  • Software: You’ll get six nodes of any edition of the MapR Distribution including Apache Hadoop. Support for one year–including Apache Drill and Apache Spark–is included.
  • Quick Start Professional Services: Our Professional Services team will help you identify data sources, use the solution template, customize the template, if needed, and develop an architecture document that will enable a production rollout plan.
  • Hadoop Training and Certification: Each Quick Start Solution includes Hadoop certification for three professionals.

Almost all business drivers in an enterprise are focused on increasing revenue, decreasing cost and reducing risk. These Quick Start Solutions—for Data Warehouse Optimization and Analytics, Security Log Analytics and Recommendation Engines— squarely address these three drivers. The most important component of the services offerings are pre-built solution templates that include workflows and parsers to ingest, transform and model the data appropriately to make it ready for analysis and visualization. These pre-built workflows and parsers greatly simplify the complexity of bringing various data sources together into a MapR cluster of Hadoop.

  1. Data Warehouse Optimization and Analytics Quick Start Solution

With the Data Warehouse Optimization and Analytics Quick Start Solution, you’ll not only be able to get started quickly on reducing the cost of existing data warehousing storage, but you’ll also be able to accommodate the increasing number of new data types and deliver more granular and richer analytics that will drive new business insight.

  1. Security Log Analytics Quick Start Solution

This Solution will help you reduce exposure and risk to your enterprise. Data breaches and security violations from both external and internal constituents are on the rise, and this is a critical issue for security professionals. The 2014 Ponemon Institute report on data breaches pegged the average cost of a data breach at $3.5M USD. You need comprehensive visibility into your environment that spans networks, applications, endpoints and other sources. The Security Log Analytics Solution gives you the ability to monitor and analyze events across the network, using machine learning-based analytics to help you detect outliers and respond faster. This solution augments existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions by providing cost-effective storage and processing for deep analytics and by predicting anomalous behavior within the environment to identify unknown threats.

  1. Recommendation Engine Quick Start Solution

This solution will help you improve your top line and customer loyalty. According to a recent research study by Accenture Strategy (Jan 21, 2015) titled Customer 2020: Are you Future Ready or Reliving the Past?, only 10 percent of respondents feel that companies effectively converge interactions across digital, social, mobile and traditional channels. The report also emphasizes that in order to tap into new revenue growth potential, you must adopt new, customer-centric practices. These include offering an integrated customer experience across digital and analog channels and addressing customers’ preferences. Recommendation engines are well-suited to help deliver on this objective, as they can harvest a variety of historical and real-time data coming from a multitude of various channels, such as web, mobile and social. Recommendation engines also make it possible for you to recommend additional products and services to your customers based on past transactions, customer behavior and preferences. This recommendation ability is key to improving customer experience, as the Accenture report highlights.

Increasing revenue, reducing cost and decreasing risk are all key objectives that you can accomplish with Hadoop. Contact MapR to jump-start your Hadoop solution today.

This blog post was published February 18, 2015.

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