5 Ways Big Data Is Improving Our Lives

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With Google Capital’s latest investment in MapR, it’s clear that big data and Hadoop are firmly established in the enterprise. Big data is helping enterprises across diverse industries improve their businesses through increased efficiencies and opportunities to serve their customers better.

What's less obvious is the increasing impact of big data on our daily lives. This impact is evolving gradually so we may not notice it at first, then all of a sudden we’ll wonder how we managed without it. How did we manage before Google, anyway?

Here are just a few examples:

  1. More effective and less expensive healthcare: Healthcare providers using MapR are improving diagnoses, delivery of care, and efficiency. Big data is used behind the scenes to better understand the impact of different protocols and treatments based on effectiveness across different patient populations. McKinsey estimates that the system-wide impact of applying big data could account for $300 billion to $450 billion in reduced health care spending. This is just the beginning of a more personalized and cost-effective healthcare system.
  2. More reliable mobile phone experiences: MapR technology is helping communications service providers manage the exploding volume of increasingly diverse data (photos, videos, text, email, etc.) generated and shared across mobile devices around the world. Communications service providers are using MapR technology to provide you with improved quality of service, better applications, and an overall better mobile experience.
  3. More personalized entertainment experiences: Big data is helping companies tailor entertainment to each individual. MapR customer Beats Music (recently purchased by Apple) is using Hadoop as the foundation for its personalized streaming music service. Beats Music provides you with just the right music experience for whatever your mood or activity. So you no longer need to spend time searching for the right music—it's there when you want it.
  4. More satisfying shopping experiences: Retailers using MapR technology are delivering a better online shopping experience, such as personalized recommendations in real time wherever you’re physically located. Retailers are also using big data to identify fraud so your credit card information is protected. And your order is delivered to you fast and cost effectively because big data in the supply chain is driving efficiency.
  5. More engaging video gaming experiences. Big data is also enabling more engaging video gaming experiences. Video game developers are using MapR technology to understand how to improve the gaming experience by collecting, processing and analyzing data from the massive data streams generated by gamers. You get an enhanced gaming experience tailored to how you like to play.

This is just the very beginning of how big data is making a difference in our daily lives. And as the Internet of Things becomes more pervasive, big data will soon become like the internet itself—just something we've come to depend on to deliver the experiences we expect.

This blog post was published July 08, 2014.

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