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MapR has received a number of concerned questions from customers and partners regarding changes at MapR and reports of layoffs in press articles. We would like to provide some answers.

MapR has been implementing a change from a primarily direct to an indirect sales model. We have been recruiting partners for over a year. As part of that change we terminated a number of sales and sales related resources. MapR also filed a WARN notice to comply with California and federal law. The WARN notice is public domain and the press wrote some articles based on the content from the filed WARN notice. The press did not interview MapR.

The recent press has raised concerns with our customers. As a privately held company we are unable to provide forward-looking statements regarding financial performance. But we also understand your need to have a certain degree of comfort about your strategic vendors. To help you manage stakeholder concerns, MapR would like to assure our customers of the following:

Product. No staff associated with the continued development of the MapR product has been affected by this organizational change. MapR is as committed to the Product today as it was before we made these go-to-market changes.

Support. MapR remains able to meet its technical support obligations under the agreements with our customers.

Professional Services. MapR has retained US-based professional services personnel and is far along to transferring EMEA and APAC services to our strategic partners.

Ongoing Account Management. As discussed, MapR is moving to an indirect model such that MapR employees will not have ongoing account management responsibilities to end customers. Instead, our partner network will serve this function. For our larger customers we will also provide centralized account management support from MapR HQ, in recognition of the value of our relationship and to assist our customers in making a smooth transition to this new go-to-market model.

The articles mentioned MapR has some strategic initiatives in process to ensure continued innovation and operations. We'll reveal the results once completed.

This blog post was published May 31, 2019.

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