Announcing the Industry’s First Converged Data Platform

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Today is very significant for MapR, with the introduction of MapR Event Store, and the industry's first Converged Data Platform. We are in the midst of the biggest change in enterprise computing in 25 years. As coined by Gartner, Hybrid Transaction/Analytical Processing, is the new paradigm. The data-to-action lifecycle has to be real time so we produced a converged platform for Hadoop-style batch, interactive and streaming analytics where the same data also serves NoSQL database operations. Now with MapR Event Store we converge the message processing required for IOT, across data center and public/private cloud environments at unprecedented scale.

MapR Data Platform

First, let me explain why streaming is so important. When discussing big data we tend to focus on the end state–the massive scale and variety of data required to cost effectively manage, analyze, and protect data. But big data is created one event at a time, whether it is from sensors, log files, or customer interactions. MapR Event Store makes it possible to better manage, analyze and distribute these events across locations and subscribers. We’re talking up to billions of messages per second, millions of data sources, and over hundreds of locations. Perhaps the most significant aspect of MapR Event Store is that it is not a stand-alone system. It is part of the MapR Data Platform. Data is reliably retained, available and protected by a full complement of advanced enterprise features. Data streams are exposed to a broad set of analytics, not just streaming analytics provided by Apache Spark or Storm, but also machine learning, database operations and more.

From day one, our vision has been to build the best data platform for big data in the world. We initially introduced platform innovations for Hadoop, greatly improving its reliability, performance, and ease of use. We invested heavily in our underlying architecture so that we could deliver advanced capabilities that build on the power of our existing platform, while at the same time contributing to and supporting the open source ecosystem as well as industry standards.

We’ve been steadily executing on this vision ever since, converging the core platform services and engines required for modern data-driven applications. Our rich history of data convergence began with our initial launch of the MapR Platform that combined Hadoop, the best of open source innovation and advanced enterprise storage capabilities. Consequently, MapR has been recognized as the Top-Ranked Hadoop by Forrester. In 2016, we followed up by converging NoSQL data capabilities into the platform, and MapR again has been recognized as the Top-Ranked NoSQL database by Forrester. We followed this by pioneering and contributing to Apache Drill, which in turn, has been recognized as the top-rated SQL engine by GigaOm.

Our vision at MapR is to deliver a data platform for organizations to gain a competitive advantage and drive their business results. This requires a data platform that supports the widest variety of data processing, analytics and applications. We’re excited to realize our vision, but more importantly we’re excited to help you realize yours.

This blog post was published December 08, 2015.

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