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What are MapR Ecosystem Packs (MEPs)?

We're excited today to announce the release of the MapR Ecosystem Packs process and our first MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP). We'd like to go over how this will work and what you can expect from this process moving forward.

What is the MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP)?

  • A way to decouple ecosystem install and upgrades.
  • A selected set of stable and popular components, connectors, and interfaces from the Hadoop ecosystem that we fully support on the MapR Platform.
  • A single repository of selected versions of these components fully tested to be interoperable.
  • A delivery vehicle for connectors and developer APIs that allow us to provide common Hadoop ecosystem interfaces to MapR components (e.g., Kafka Connect for MapR Event Store).

Each MEP contains a subset of the greater supported Hadoop ecosystem certified to work fully and completely with the other components in each release. This allows us to provide more nuanced support like bundling Spark JARs into Oozie, for example.

We find that this picture is useful for understanding what subset of ecosystem projects we're including in this:

Each MapR Core release will be supported by multiple MEPs, giving you multiple opportunities for upgrade.

For more information, please see the Whiteboard Walkthrough here:

What will be in each MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP)?

For a list of what each MEP contains, please go here.

How will these packs be delivered?

MapR Ecosystem Packs (MEPs) will be installed and upgraded through the new installer that is releasing with MapR 5.2. For installation and upgrade directions, please visit our documentation here.

  • Components can still be manually selected.
  • Individual repos will exist for each MEP to assist in manual installs.

How often will new MEPs be offered?

MEP is on a quarterly release schedule, meaning that a new major MEP release will normally come out every three months, starting in August with MEP 1.0.

Will MapR still support multiple versions of some components?

  • Each MEP will only support one version of each project.
  • Each MapR release will be supported by 2+ MEPs.

When will a MapR release cease getting project upgrades?

When the next MapR release occurs.

The rationale for this is that early in a release cycle, we are providing many opportunities to upgrade. Later in the cycle, as customers are moving into production, there is less demand for upgrades that could be disruptive. This allows us to offer both flexibility and stability.

Bug fix versions will continue to be offered on each project in each supported MEP, until the MapR release hits EOL.

What MapR versions will be supported by the MEP process?

In order to get on the MEP "path," an upgrade to MapR 5.2 will be required. We will not be supporting MapR versions prior to MapR 5.2. These versions will continue to receive bug fix and patch releases.

How will partner certifications work?

Partners will certify on MapR+MEP combinations. Since not every MEP will have an upgrade for each project, many certifications can be grandfathered in.


This blog post was published August 11, 2016.

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