Apache Drill 0.8 Released – Now as Part of the MapR Distribution

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Since its Beta release in September '14, Apache Drill, the most flexible SQL-on-Hadoop technology, is making great strides in terms of the product progress as well as the community adoption. With four significant iterative releases (0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8) in less than six months, thousands of downloads from the MapR website, nearly 1500 message threads in the Apache Drill user email alias, and an active open source community, Drill is well on its way to becoming generally available in the Q2 '15 time frame.

The 0.8 release by the Drill community is a key milestone towards the goal of making Drill an “enterprise-ready SQL-on-Hadoop” solution. The key focus of the release in many ways is stability, along with several rich feature improvements that help make Drill valuable for a variety of use cases.

Here is a quick summary of improvements in the Apache Drill 0.8 release:

  1. Stability - Improved reliability for the Drillbit daemon as well as the Drill clients (SQL Line and JDBC/ODBC drivers). A key part of reliability enhancements in 0.8 also include core improvements to how Drill utilizes and manages memory, resulting in improved stability when using Drill at scale (along all scale dimensions such as large datasets, large number of nodes and large number of users).
  2. Performance - Improved joins (both disk-based and broadcast joins), improved partition pruning, optimized large metadata reads, and many other enhancements.
  3. Troubleshooting - Drill provides a very detailed visual view into the query profiles, and with version 0.8, you can now see exactly what your queries are doing in real time, making it easy to troubleshoot, optimize and manage execution.
  4. Features - HBase 0.98 support, better compression support for Parquet/JSON readers, large number of files support, large document support (beyond 128K limit), and more SQL functionality (UNION ALL, COUNT(DISTINCT)) are just a few of the numerous feature improvements.

For additional details, please refer to the Apache Drill blog and the 243 JIRAs that are resolved.

You can download the MapR release for Apache from the locations below:

Stay tuned for the next milestone releases - 0.9 and 1.0 GA are coming soon.

Congratulations again to the Drill community!

This blog post was published April 02, 2015.

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