Apache Hadoop Version 2.6 Has Been Released

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The community version of Apache Hadoop 2.6 was released recently. Some of the cool new things that are part of the Hadoop 2.6 release include changes to YARN to support rolling upgrades, where the ResourceManager and the NodeManager will now preserve state information. Further highlights include label-based scheduling for YARN (with code contributions from an existing MapR feature) along with an alpha feature for running YARN applications natively in docker containers. Some of the major changes to YARN are listed below.


  • YARN-896 - Support for long running services in YARN

    • YARN-913 - Service Registry for applications
  • YARN-666 - Support for rolling upgrades

    • YARN-556 - Work-preserving restarts of ResourceManager

    • YARN-1336 - Container-preserving restart of NodeManager

  • YARN-796 - Support node labels during scheduling

  • YARN-1051 - Support for time-based resource reservations in Capacity Scheduler (beta)

  • YARN-1492 - Global, shared cache for application artifacts (beta)

  • YARN-1964 - Support running of applications natively in Docker containers (alpha)

Please see the Hadoop 2.6.0 Release Notes for more details.

Meanwhile, MapR is actively working on getting this release into the MapR Distribution as soon as possible. More importantly, with upcoming releases of the MapR platform, we will decouple the Hadoop core releases from the MapR platform release. So when the next version of Hadoop 2.6.x comes out, you can upgrade to get the latest bits without having to wait for the latest release of the MapR platform.

This blog post was published December 01, 2014.

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