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MapR Converge Blog author, Abhinav Chawade

As a Data Engineer on the Professional Services team of MapR, Abhinav specialized in the internals of HBase and Spark as well as parallel software development. Prior to joining the Professional Services team, he helped customers with complex product and application issues on the Technical Support team.

Blog Posts by Abhinav Chawade

October 30, 2014 | By Abhinav Chawade

Spark Streaming vs. Storm Trident: Whiteboard Walkthrough

Editor's Note: Here is the video transcript: Hi, welcome to MapR Whiteboard Walkthrough sessions. My name is Abhinav and I'm one of the data engineers here at MapR, and the purpose of this video is to go through the comparison of Storm Trident...

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December 02, 2013 | By Abhinav Chawade

How to Use MapR Volumes with Hive and MySQL for Mirroring

This topic explains how to achieve replication in Hive if the metastore is in MySQL. MySQL has built-in replication, which can be used in conjunction with remote mirroring to replicate Hive tables. While Hive does not have this replication capability...

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