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Aman Sinha is a Software Architect at MapR and a PMC member of prominent open source projects: Apache Drill and Apache Calcite. His primary focus is on developing high performance SQL query processing engines for distributed RDBMS, NoSQL databases and Hadoop. Aman was a Lead Member of Technical Staff at ParAccel (now Actian), an MPP columnar database company where he made numerous contributions to the optimizer and execution layers, resulting in patents and a SIGMOD publication. Previously, at IBM he led the development of OLAP cubing technology using the MDX query language and developed performance features for the RedBrick Data Warehouse, a star-schema focused RDBMS. Aman received a Ph.D in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin.

Blog Posts by Aman Sinha

January 04, 2019 | By Aman Sinha

Accelerating SQL Queries in MapR Database JSON Using Apache Drill and Secondary Indexes

Introduction MapR Database JSON introduced and later expanded the support for native secondary indexes in the 6.x releases (see Secondary Indexes). These indexes are accessible both through a programmatic API such as OJAI and via SQL queries processed...

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