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Anand Patil is a Senior Technical Support Engineer at MapR Technologies supporting MapR customers on Hadoop escalations, Installer and MapR Core services. He is appreciated deeply by his customers for well-organized solutions, systematic debugging methods, and clear communication. Our customers repeatedly benefit from his extensive background in Dev Ops, software engineering and detailed technical experience with telecom, big data and enterprise. Prior to MapR, Anand worked for R&D projects and machine learning projects.

Blog Posts by Anand Patil

May 02, 2018 | By Anand Patil

MapR Installer Troubleshooting Hub

The MapR Installer web interface makes the installation of a MapR cluster easy. MapR Installer is used to install, upgrade, and apply EBF patches on a MapR cluster. MapR Installer has several phases, and users may face issues in any of these phases, depending...

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