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MapR Converge Blog author, Bill Zaharchuk

I’ve been solving the make vs. buy problem in the engineering workstation, Unix, HPC, and storage markets in both an engineering and product management role, both a consumer and a vendor of technology. Currently I work with the MapR partner community to navigate the big data world of Spark, JSON, messaging, SQL and NoSQL.

Blog Posts by Bill Zaharchuk

September 16, 2015 | By Bill Zaharchuk

The Make vs Buy Decision: What You Need to Consider When Establishing a Big Data Platform

Tips for balancing leverage, risk, and program management How times have changed—10-15 years ago, when you needed to store data for your application, it was likely structured data; the data fields were known ahead of time and didn’t change much. This...

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September 09, 2015 | By Bill Zaharchuk

How to Approach the Make vs. Buy Decision for Software Infrastructure Components

Tips for balancing leverage, risk, and costs when you have a successful product in market The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) had a great 2x2 matrix where the Y axis was doing the “right thing” vs. the “wrong thing” and the X axis was “doing it poorly”...

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