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Carl Olofson performs research and analysis for IDC’s Information Management and Data Integration Software service within the Application Development and Deployment research group. Mr. Olofson’s research involves following sales and technical developments in the information and data management (IDM) markets, database management systems (DBMS) markets, data movement and replication software, data management software, metadata management software, and the vendors of related tools and software systems. Mr. Olofson also contributes overview and data integration research content to Integration and Deployment Software, which covers developments in software technologies that manage the overall integrated deployment of applications developed and maintained using application development and deployment software. Mr. Olofson also advises clients on market and technology directions as well as performing supply and demand-side primary research to size, forecast, and segment the database market.

Mr. Olofson has 26 years of experience in IT, including two years of application development consulting, 10 years of database and tools software development, four years of product consulting, and three years as a senior product manager. In 2000, Mr. Olofson received IDC's highest award, the James Peacock Memorial Award for professional excellence in market research. Prior to joining IDC, Mr. Olofson worked at Cayenne and Cadre, where he was involved with directing the management for ObjectTeam products, including an object-oriented CASE tool and a component construction and assembly tool. He was also responsible for product packaging, pricing, requirements analysis, sales force preparation, and product roll-out. Prior to that, Mr. Olofson managed customer relations and performed sales support for MSP in promoting its mainframe repository, METHODMANAGER. He also worked at LBMS, where he led a team of eight engineers working on a repository technology research program; and at Cullinet where he was responsible for the Cullinet CASE strategy. In addition, Mr. Olofson worked for eight years in project teams developing the IDMS, IDD, ADS/Online, and Online Mapping products.

Mr. Olofson has been quoted in a variety of publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Investor's Business Daily, San Jose Mercury-News, USA Today, Computerworld, Object Magazine, Software Magazine, and Application Development Trends. He has presented at numerous conferences, including each of the InterSystems Worldwide Developers' Conference (DevCon) from 2000 through 2004, 2002 OracleWorld, the 1999 XMLeadership Conference, 1999 Oracle OpenWorld, 1998 AITG (Advanced Information Technologies for Government) Conference, the 1997 Oracle Partners' Conference, the 4 Rs Conference, DAUG (Data Administration Users’ Group), IRMAC (Information Resource Management Association of Canada), and user conferences for Cullinet, MSP, INTERSOLV, and Cadre Technologies. Mr. Olofson also presented thought leadership information regarding CyberSmart Computing, the data management implications of ebusiness, and enterprise information management strategies at a series of seminars sponsored by Hewlett-Packard and Oracle Corporation between January and May 2000. Mr. Olofson received a B.S. in communications from Boston University.

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