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MapR Converge Blog author, David Wormald

David Wormald is a Regional Territory Director for MapR, where he is focused on delivering business value with technology solutions that realize the immense potential of data for companies that want to be data driven but need to make their journey towards innovation and competitiveness much more quickly. David has over 20 years in Enterprise Software. His most recent positions have been at MarkLogic and EMC Software.

Blog Posts by David Wormald

January 23, 2018 | By David Wormald

MapR Data Technologies - The 'Gloves Off' Series. 1 of 4 - Storage

MapR Data Technologies is Unique and a ‘Must Evaluate’ for anybody seriously interested in driving Digital Transformation In this series of four short articles, we set aside the more subtle art of ‘content marketing’ and shout from the rooftops about...

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September 25, 2017 | By David Wormald

Driving Operational Analytics - An SAP Journey with MapR

SAP HANA DB is part of the HANA platform and it also acts as the underlying database for all current and future SAP products. SAP continues to gain market share as their strategic shift to ‘cloud’ continues. While HANA DB is a leap forward as an in-memory...

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