Contributor: Fabian Wilckens

MapR Converge Blog author, Fabian Wilckens

Fabian drives understanding and adoption of new applications enabled by innovative technology. With 10+ years of industry-leading IT and consulting experience, Fabian has become an expert in ground-breaking technologies such as big data, cloud, and virtualization. Fabian has also founded his own e-learning company.

Fabian has held senior roles with Unisys, VMware and m2solutions.

Blog Posts by Fabian Wilckens

November 15, 2018 | By Fabian Wilckens

Dataware: The Most Important Software Abstraction of Your Enterprise IT Stack

Part of my job is to learn from the many CxOs in our customer base and to understand more about their current and future data challenges. Based on all those discussions, a common picture started to emerge over time with the core challenge being where...

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