Contributor: Hari Devanath

MapR Converge Blog author, Hari Devanath
  • Knowledge Management Leader: Knowledge Systems Architect, KCS Coach, Self/Peer Support Strategist o Tech Support Manager: Customer-focused collaborator, Metrics-driven Support mgr (KPIs)
  • Program Manager: Knowledge Program mgr, design/develop/scale-up KBs, drive adoption, change agent
  • Collaboration Enabler: Expert Community Strategist - SharePoint, Lithium for tech support
  • Instructional design specialist: Design/develop tech content, curriculum for product trainings, tutorials
  • Change Agent: Fast learner, adopter of new tech/continuous improvement, thrives in high change env

Blog Posts by Hari Devanath

May 03, 2018 | By Hari Devanath

Featured Knowledge Articles in March '18

MapR Support has made significant advances toward simplifying access to expert knowledge and solving technical questions on product usage and performance. With several hundred resolved cases in any given month, learnings from the Support team are always...

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March 28, 2018 | By Hari Devanath

MapR Support Portal: Answers at Your fingertips!

Why Self-Support? As products are designed increasingly with ease-of-use in mind, self-service for usage and troubleshooting has become the norm. Consumers expect self-service mechanisms to answer questions related to product usage and to help troubleshoot...

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