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As Vice President of Technology Adoption and Innovation, Kiran Mehta's focus is to understand and guide the strategic evolution of our customer's technology adoption and innovation strategies as they deal with the fast moving landscape of multi-cloud, Kubernetes, and as AI goes mainstream. Kiran has a deep technical background having led teams that built the MapR Database, Streams, Security and much of our ecosystem as well. Prior to MapR, at Informatica, Kiran was responsible for the development and adoption of Informatica's Data Platform. Prior to Informatica, Kiran built and managed the infrastructure and partner team of IBM Research's web-scale text analytic platform called WebFountain. Early in his career, as part of the kernel teams of IBM DB2 and RedBrick Data Warehouse, he developed various performance and high-availability features.

Blog Posts by Kiran Mehta

November 13, 2018 | By Kiran Mehta

Enterprise-Ready Database for Analytics

Enterprise-Ready Database for Analytics Data has become the new oil, enabling enormous change in commerce and industry. Companies today are working with petabytes of data that can be historic, generated in real time, or undergoing rapid or constant change...

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May 22, 2015 | By Kiran Mehta

Hadoop Installation Simplified

One of the challenges with big data technologies is the ability to get the system installed, configured and up and running. Without a running system, you cannot even start leveraging your data assets. A fully functional big data stack is comprised of...

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