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Maikel Pereira is a Data Engineer at MapR, helping companies implement end-to-end data flows and applications that efficiently use MapR technology.

Prior to MapR, Maikel developed internal and external applications for the World Travel Holdings, a leading company in the travel industry, focusing primarily on the architecture and aiming to create scalable and reusable software. Earlier in his career Maikel was a university professor specializing in data structures and compilers, as well as software engineering, for four years in Cuba, where he was born and raised.

Blog Posts by Maikel Pereira

June 18, 2019 | By Prasad Singathi,Maikel Pereira

Similar Document Search using Apache Spark with TF-IDF

Background Google Groups is used as the main platform for knowledge sharing and interaction by the Professional Services (PS) team here at MapR. The usual flow starts with a team member posting a technical question, followed by other team members responding...

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