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Michael Farnbach is a Solutions Architect for Big Data and High-Performance Computing currently managing Professional Services engagements with MapR Technologies. Professionally he is known for leadership in architecture, applying service management, data lifecycle management, and governance to the Hadoop platform. Michael has a pragmatic and incisive view of the state of current offerings, helps businesses successfully match requirements with appropriate solutions that are innovative, intuitive and well managed. Among the companies he’s worked with are American Express, Comcast, Publisher's Clearing House, Honeywell, Life Technologies (now ThermoFischer Scientific), Pearson Education, Bentley University, Northrop Grumman, NewEgg, and others. Away from work he spends time with a very active wife and four children exploring history, science, nature, and fine arts. And with any time left over he is currently restoring a vintage race car.

Blog Posts by Michael Farnbach

October 24, 2016 | By Michael Farnbach

Best Practices on Migrating from a Data Warehouse to a Big Data Platform

Offloading cold or unused data and ETL workloads from a data warehouse to Hadoop/big data platforms is a very common starting point for enterprises beginning their big data journey. Platforms like Hadoop provide an economical way to store data and do...

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