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MapR Converge Blog author, Na Yang

Na Yang is a staff software engineer at MapR and Apache Hive contributor. Prior to MapR, Na held numerous software development roles at information technology companies including Ariba, Quova, Merced Systems, most recently as a staff software engineer in the Java Infrastructure team of PayPal. Na received both MS and BS in Computer Science from Fudan University in China, and also holds a MS in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University.

Blog Posts by Na Yang

February 06, 2015 | By Na Yang

How to: Refine Hive ZooKeeper Lock Manager Implementation

Hive has been using ZooKeeper as distributed lock manager to support concurrency in HiveServer2. The ZooKeeper-based lock manager works fine in a small scale environment. However, as more and more users move to HiveServer2 from HiveServer and start to...

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December 16, 2014 | By Na Yang

Hands-on Hive-on-Spark in the AWS Cloud

Nearly one year ago the Hadoop community began to embrace Apache Spark as a powerful batch processing engine. Today, many organizations and projects are augmenting their Hadoop capabilities with Spark. As part of this trend, the Apache Hive community...

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