Contributor: Pat Ferrel

MapR Converge Blog author, Pat Ferrel

Pat is principal consultant at FinderBots, a consultancy specializing in the delivery of applications of machine learning including recommenders and big-data predictive analytics. He is also a committer to Apache Mahout where he works on the next generation of recommenders. Visit his consulting service at Finderbots here.

Blog Posts by Pat Ferrel

September 05, 2014 | By Pat Ferrel

Mahout on Spark: What’s New in Recommenders—Part 2

In the last post we talked about creating a co-occurrence indicator matrix for a recommender. The goals for a recommender are many but first they must be fast and must make "good" personalized recommendations. We'll start with the basics...

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August 12, 2014 | By Pat Ferrel

Mahout on Spark: What’s New in Recommenders

This blog was originally posted August 11, 2014 on Occam's Machete: Machine Learning. We are sharing it with permission from the author. There are big changes happening in Apache Mahout. For years it’s been the go to machine learning library for Hadoop...

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