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MapR Converge Blog author, Roman Bukarev

Roman Bukarev is a BI/DW consultant with 13 years of experience with SAP BW/HANA, who over the last 2 years tinkered with integration of all things big data into SAP landscapes, developed a taste for Spark and streaming data analysis, and recently started playing with MapR Event Store. Roman lives in Sydney, Australia, and works at NTT Data Business Solutions.

Blog Posts by Roman Bukarev

October 05, 2018 | By Roman Bukarev

IoT Mashup of Sensors, Cloud Software, and Machine Learning on the MapR Data Platform

In this blog, I am going to walk you through a process that I used recently to integrate readily available IoT sensors, cloud offerings, and the MapR Data Platform, ultimately making a device that detects types of motion, similar to a fitness tracker...

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