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Steve Wooledge was Vice President, Product Marketing for MapR, where he was responsible for identifying new market opportunities and increasing awareness for MapR technical innovations and solutions for Hadoop. Steve was previously Vice President of Marketing for Teradata Unified Data Architecture, where he drove Big Data strategy and market awareness across the product line, including Apache Hadoop. Steve has also held various roles in product and corporate marketing at Aster Data, Interwoven, and Business Objects, as well as sales and engineering roles at Business Objects and Dow Chemical. When not working, Steve enjoys juggling activities for his 5 kids and sneaking in some cycling or ski trips when he can.

Blog Posts by Steve Wooledge

March 21, 2016 | By Steve Wooledge

TDWI Hadoop Readiness Assessment - Webinar Follow Up

The number of organizations that are thinking about using Hadoop has grown astronomically over the past year. How do you know whether you’re ready to implement Hadoop, and what are the best practices? To help answer these questions, research organization...

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March 15, 2016 | By Steve Wooledge

Bringing the Power of Spark-based OLAP to Hadoop

In the world of data warehouses and data marts, OLAP analysis has existed for many years. Concepts like drill down, drill across and roll ups have allowed business analysts and users to easily access and analyze data across a variety of dimensions such...

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September 29, 2015 | By Steve Wooledge

Much Ado about Kudu

Apache Hadoop has been steadily evolving into a robust technology ecosystem since its founding in 2005. Today saw more evidence of that evolution with Cloudera’s announcement of a new open source project called Kudu, a technology described as a “complement...

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September 10, 2015 | By Steve Wooledge

Apache Spark Use Case for Better Drug Discovery – Whiteboard Walkthrough

In this week's Whiteboard Walkthrough, Steve Wooledge, VP of Industry Solutions at MapR, talks about an Apache Sark + Hadoop use case for drug discovery that one of our customers is currently running in production. Here's the unedited transcription:...

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May 15, 2015 | By Steve Wooledge

Hadoop Adoption – Is the Cluster Half Full?

Gartner just released a comprehensive research report based on a survey highlighting the adoption trends around Hadoop, which sheds some light on where and how customers are getting value from Hadoop. Some of the key take-aways in the report include:...

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February 05, 2015 | By Steve Wooledge

6 Disruption Vectors for Hadoop & Data Warehousing: Why MapR Shines According to Gigaom Research

MapR announced today that our SQL-on-Hadoop solution earned the highest score for Hadoop/data warehouse interoperability. MapR was among six vendors invited to participate in Gigaom Research’s January 2015 report, “Sector Roadmap: Hadoop/Data Warehouse...

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February 04, 2015 | By Steve Wooledge

Calculate the REAL Cost of Your Hadoop Distribution with Our New TCO Calculator

Did you know that not all Hadoop distributions are the same? As Hadoop deployments grow, the architectural differences between Hadoop distributions begin to show dramatic cost differences. These differences can save you 20-50% in terms of total cost of...

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October 10, 2014 | By Steve Wooledge

Get Real with Hadoop: Lower Your TCO

In this blog series, we’re showcasing the top 10 reasons customers are turning to MapR in order to run their data-driven businesses. Here’s reason #6: MapR provides the lowest total cost of ownership of any Hadoop distribution. In the past 13 years of...

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September 04, 2014 | By Steve Wooledge

Building the Foundation for Production Success on Hadoop

As we begin to process the data deluge from customer web interactions, mobile devices, supply chain management and the widespread use of sensors, tightly integrated data systems become critical for organizations. Harnessing data from new data sources...

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March 05, 2014 | By Steve Wooledge

3 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Hadoop

Forrester Research principal analyst Mike Gualtieri, along with MapR CMO Jack Norris, joined us for a webinar titled “3 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Hadoop.” Mike began the webinar by discussing a commissioned study conducted by Forrester...

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December 18, 2013 | By Steve Wooledge

Combating Financial Fraud with Big Data and Hadoop

While you race around checking off items from your holiday lists, banks are just as busy with their fraud prevention efforts. According to a report by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the typical organization loses 5% of its revenues to fraud...

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December 15, 2013 | By Steve Wooledge

Structured SQL or Mongo-like Flexibility? With Hadoop, You Can Have Both

The advancement in SQL development for Hadoop is making it possible for SQL professionals to apply their skills and SQL tools of choice to Big Data projects. Based on their use case, SQL pros can choose from Apache projects Hive and Drill, Apache-licensed...

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