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MapR Converge Blog author, Uli Bethke

Uli Bethke is the co-founder of Sonra. Sonra is a Big Data consulting company in Ireland and a partner company of MapR, the only enterprise-ready Hadoop distribution. Sonra provide services and accelerators for data warehouse offload and data lake implementations on MapR.

Uli is a data visionary and provides thought leadership in the architecture and implementation of data driven applications. He has led some of the largest and most complex data warehouse implementations in Europe.

Uli is the chair of the Hadoop User Group Ireland. You can get in touch with Uli by connecting with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Blog Posts by Uli Bethke

June 19, 2015 | By Uli Bethke

Apache Drill: It's drilliant to query JSON files from Tableau Desktop

Did you know you can run Apache Drill on your laptop? This is great news for business analysts who need to explore complex and semi-structured data. Let's look at a particular example. A company has implemented a new SaaS based system. This system...

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