Contributor: Vadiraj Hosur

MapR Converge Blog author, Vadiraj Hosur

Storage and data specialist with extensive experience in file systems, databases and cloud computing. Lead design and product development in both established companies and startups.

Currently in my role as Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at MapR, I am looking at analyzing and improving scalability and performance of Software Defined Storage(SDS).

Blog Posts by Vadiraj Hosur

June 25, 2018 | By Vadiraj Hosur

Data Tiering: A Capacity and Performance Juxtaposition

Data is the bloodline of computing. As long as it flows seamlessly across a myriad of devices and software layers, life is good. To keep this data flowing, you need the ability to separate relevant data and make it available to applications. Applications...

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May 04, 2018 | By Vadiraj Hosur

Is Your Software-Defined Storage (SDS) Losing to Disk Failures?

With ever larger clusters, maintaining high levels of reliability and availability is a growing problem for many enterprises. A particularly big concern is the reliability of storage systems. Failure of storage can not only cause temporary data unavailability...

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