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Veera Naranammalpuram is the Product Manager for Drill at MapR. Prior to this role, he has been working in the field facing organization as a Drill Subject Matter Expert assisting customers, prospects and partners by providing deep subject matter expertise in Drill. He has also been actively involved internally in driving process improvement to improve the product by providing internal and public facing knowledge base resources that help those involved in getting the best experience with Drill.

Blog Posts by Veera Naranammalpuram

December 17, 2019 | By Veera Naranammalpuram,Nicolas A Perez

MEP 6.3.0 has been released!

We are pleased to announce the release of MEP (MapR Ecosystem Pack) 6.3 on our award-winning MapR data platform. As always, we provide the latest in open-source, community-driven innovation through an incremental release vehicle called MEP. This release...

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June 13, 2019 | By Veera Naranammalpuram

MapR Ecosystem Pack (MEP) 6.2 is released!

We release updates to our core data platform every few months to provide customers with a fast path to the latest in community-driven innovation and contribution through an incremental release vehicle called MEP (MapR Ecosystem Pack). As the community...

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June 07, 2019 | By Veera Naranammalpuram

MapR Celebrates Four Year Anniversary of Apache Drill Delivering Self-Service SQL Analytics

The MapR team has reason to celebrate; today we announce the four-year anniversary of the general availability of Apache Drill, the open-source distributed SQL query engine, integrated into the MapR Data Platform delivering fast and secure self-service...

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January 30, 2019 | By Veera Naranammalpuram

MapR Announces Drill 1.15 with S3 Cloud Storage Plugin

It's been 3 months since the last Drill release, and here we are again with another one! We are pleased to announce the release of Apache Drill 1.15 as part of the MEP 6.1 (MapR Ecosystem Pack) release in early February. Drill continues to gain in...

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December 18, 2018 | By Veera Naranammalpuram

Drill 1.14 Released on MapR

We just released yet another version of Drill, our wildly popular, open source, SQL-on-anything query engine. Apache Drill 1.14 is now available in MapR 6.1 as part of MEP 6.0 (MapR Expansion Pack). As we continue to execute on the core themes for Drill...

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