The Battle for Your Data: Why I Chose MapR

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What’s happening today in big data reminds me very much of my early years at Oracle when we fought and won the so-called database wars. By the end of the 1990's, Oracle stood as the dominant player in the relational database market and we spent then next decade looking to expand the business to exploit our advantage with the database. That worked out pretty well.

Today, another battle rages. It's not just about databases, but about the data itself. Countless big data vendors and three prominent Hadoop distributions are vying to help you capture, manage, protect, analyze and monetize your data.

After my departure from Oracle, I took some time to consider my next career challenge. I spoke to both trusted colleagues and industry insiders, and quickly learned that MapR technology offers a unique perspective on what big data is all about (hint: it's the data). Their data-centric approach has - from my point of view - created a clear and unique advantage that enterprise customers are going to find hard to ignore.

This is why I chose MapR. This is also why companies like American Express, Samsung, Cisco and comScore choose MapR.

As a new member of the MapR executive team, I intend to use my experience in scaling a business in very competitive markets to expand the MapR reach as a global leader in big data and Hadoop. I am thrilled to be involved with an energetic, visionary company and I am ready to join in the battle for your data.

This blog post was published October 19, 2015.

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