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The Strata Conference held last week in New York – not to be confused with the Strata Summit which took place the two days prior at the Marriott or the Strata Jumpstart that was held on Monday – well maybe it was confusing. The Strata Conference covered the entire data supply chain from gathering, cleaning, analyzing, and storing data to communicating data intelligence effectively. There was a lot of energy and buzz that wasn’t dampened by the rain or the traffic caused by the UN being in session and blockades for Obama.

Our own Ted Dunning presented a talk on “Benefiting from MapReduce without the Risk”. He started with a report card on Hadoop. Overall the report card was positive but Ted highlighted several areas for closer review including: Hadoop wasn’t working to its potential and it didn’t play well with others. Part of not working to its potential is that underlying architectural issues result in downtime and data loss. At this point in the talk, Ted put on his red MapR baseball cap, to denote that he was now representing MapR, and talked about MapR’s specific improvements that address these issues.

Not playing well with others refers to the difficulty in integrating Hadoop into environments, and getting data in and out of Hadoop. Ted again put on his hat and provided specifics on MapR.

The talk also went through vignettes drawn from real-life situations that exposed the challenges customers have faced and descriptions of how large-scale analytical technologies can be done without disrupting existing applications. Organizations are beginning to analyze and derive business value from large amounts of data that, in many cases, were previously simply being discarded.

So one of the takeaways from the Strata Big Data conference – Or the Strata Summit I can’t remember which – don’t discard data. It could be valuable with the right solution.

This blog post was published September 27, 2011.

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