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Big data is amazing. Put to use effectively, it delivers efficiencies on a scale that was previously impossible. We live and operate in a complex, highly interconnected world, where almost everything interacts with everything else. Even a small business has to keep track of an incredible number of things, and the days of managing things with a spreadsheet or a small ledger are over. We have no choice but to embrace big data.

Looking back over the past seven years, it's been a great journey at MapR. We took on some of the toughest problems in computer science, and succeeded wildly. We built the best file-system, the best database and the best messaging system in the industry bar none, to date. We developed products that have become the technology backbone for many of the largest companies of the world, including household names like American Express, Cisco, Comcast, Ericsson, IRI, Novartis, Qualcomm, Rubicon, Samsung, and UnitedHealthcare Group, among many others. The Aadhaar UIDAI scheme in India has shown the world how to harness big data to positively impact the lives of 100s of millions of people. We’re leading the revolution inside the traditional data center as it evolves to deal with this crazily interconnected new world. We can confidently claim that our products are simply amazing, working at scales and speeds well beyond most people’s imagination.

Over the last couple of years, my own focus at MapR had started to shift. I was spending more and more time working with customers, understanding their technology roadmap, and seeing how MapR could participate and help in achieving their goals. I was on the road traveling almost every other week, making MapR more visible around the world. While that was an awesome experience and I learned quite a lot, and I recommend you try it if you get such an opportunity, it took me away from core technology where my heart is. Moreover, I have spent about 10 years or so in this space, starting at Google and then at MapR. It was just time to try something new; something related but different.

I’ve accepted a position as Chief Architect for Data at Uber. Uber is tackling the global problem of urban transportation. Hundreds of cities around the world, especially in the U.S., have poor or non-existent public transport. A good public transport system is as important as water, electricity and housing. Making transport affordable and readily available has a visible impact on social and economic issues like unemployment, traffic jams, reducing pollution, getting rid of ugly parking lots, and bringing communities closer.

None of it would be possible without big data. MapR is well positioned to be the leader in the technology needed to make such things happen. The right talent and the right vision have come together here at MapR, and I have been fortunate to work and learn from many of you across engineering, sales, support, finance, legal, marketing, and many many overlapping roles. I will continue to be engaged in promoting MapR, because I truly and sincerely believe in what we are doing.

This blog post was published February 24, 2016.

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