A Big Win for Consumers This Weekend...Thanks to Data

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I had a great Thanksgiving. Not only did I enjoy time with family and friends, my favorite football team won—can’t ask for more than that! I also noticed that my annual shopping frenzy at the mall completely shifted to simply doing a lot of clicking while sitting comfortably at home.

Cyber Monday literally didn’t exist until about a decade ago. We used to only count on Black Friday for the best deals, but it required waking up at ungodly hours and rushing into an overcrowded store. Then, you’d return home as if you had won a major victory. A whole generation of shoppers doesn’t even know what I’m talking about. These days, we not only expect to be able to shop easily and more securely from home, we also expect to get the best deals, the most accurate comparisons, the right size and color, and the fastest arrival time for our order. And, if we need to return an item, we can just do it from home.

Being in the data business, I see that we consumers win because of data. While it is easy to focus on the ability to move from site to site or to be directed to a better deal than the one you just found, this empowerment exists because retailers use data to be more agile and competitive; they’re more tuned into what buyers demand. This means better inventory and stocking so that your favorite things are less likely to run out. Because of data, there is more competition for you, the customer. Because of data on a global basis, you can literally find what you need anywhere in the world and have it sent to your door in a few days or even within hours.

Let’s talk about the smart retailers; they also win with data due to so many reasons. They are able to serve up offers and deals based upon your preferences and buying patterns, they make suggestions and recommendations based upon people like you, and they can target and re-target you online and in the store (if you choose to go), which is much less costly than running daily or weekly ads. In addition to being able to fine-tune and tailor the shopping experience just for you, the consumer, smart retailers can cross-sell and upsell with customized offers. Essentially, data gives them insights into their supply chain, inventory, sales-per-customer, customer segmentation, customer personalization and engagements in data time as the data happens.

MapR Data Technologies is working with today’s largest retailers, and these retailers are winning with data. If you are a retailer and want to get serious about data and how it can make you win, get serious with MapR. Check out how. If you are a consumer, congratulations! You’ve already won!

This blog post was published November 28, 2017.