Cisco Webinar: Analytics Solutions for Driving Better Business Outcomes

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A recent study published by Accenture and General Electric revealed that 87% of enterprises believe big data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years. As big data analytics moves into the mainstream, we will see an increase in data-driven innovation across all major industries.

So how do you identify the right analytics use cases for your business, and how do you get them deployed quickly? First, you can turn to our Quick Start Solutions, which provide a solid foundation for the rapid deployment of your Hadoop implementations. Next, you can join Cisco at their February 24th webinar at 9am PST - Analytics Solutions for Driving Better Business Outcomes: Let Cisco and Leading Analytics Partners Help You Accelerate Big Data Insights.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about innovations from the following analytics leaders:

  • Shay Mowlem, VP of Product Marketing Splunk, will talk about how Splunk and Cisco are putting the power of machine data-driven intelligence into the hands of more users, more securely and cost-effectively.

  • Pete Schlampp, VP of Product Development at Platfora, will discuss how their Hadoop analytics environment that runs on a Cisco infrastructure is providing better access to all forms of data in Hadoop and speeding delivery of insights to non-technical users.

  • David Besemer, CTO of Cisco Data Virtualization, will highlight how Cisco’s data virtualization software makes it possible to easily access different types of data, from dispersed data locations, using varied access technologies.

  • David Parker, Global Vice President for Big Data and Internet of Things at SAP, will talk about how they’re working with Cisco to provide customers with a single, integrated view of transactional, analytics, and big data, and enabling predictive analytics.

  • Russell Cobb, VP of Global Marketing and Alliances at SAS will talk about how they’re deploying IoT and data-driven analytics solutions running on a Cisco infrastructure to optimize business processes.

Be sure to register for this free 60-minute webinar on February 24th to learn how Cisco and their partners can help you accelerate your big data deployments.

This blog post was published February 19, 2015.

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